Migration Mood


The MigMood project analyses the public mood toward migration at the level of mass public opinion – the society at large. Movements of migration mood impact on the boundaries of social tolerance towards immigrants, and they also define the space of the desirable policy responses.

This project combines several data sources to generate quantitative time series of migration mood, both long-term (based on survey data) and short-term (based on Twitter). The analysis of migration mood focuses on both its determinants (for example, how does the public mood respond to immigration?) and its consequences (does the public mood have an impact on migration policies, and of what sort?).

MigMood is supported by a starting grant of the University of Catania. Stefano Iacus is involved in the project, and Jim Stimson contributes as an advisor. We have presented working papers at some conferences and workshops, and are now working on some journal submissions.

More project details will follow.

Marcello Carammia
Marcello Carammia
Senior Researcher in Political Science

My research focuses on the comparative analysis of institutions and public policies, with special interest in the interaction between migration dynamics, politics, and policy.